Genomics & Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine extends the range of preventive / therapeutic interventions by synthesizing traditional and complementary medical approaches with Western medicine. Genomics allows for understanding predispositions, therefore customizing approaches to personalize these interventions in physical and neuropsychiatric pathologies. BIO provides methodological / statistical support for required scientific demonstrations.

Since 1978, WHO has been requesting the integration of complementary and traditional medical approaches of each region (ancestral cultures) with Western medicine, assessing their efficacy and safety.

Genomics enriches this task by allowing an understanding of predispositions, therefore customizing both preventive and therapeutic approaches, in physical and neuropsychiatric pathologies.

BIO provides Methodological, Statistical and Computer Science support to organizations that plan to, or are already working on:

  • The search of predisposing single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in specific pathologies
  • Frequency of SNPs in specific populations
  • Measurement of Gene expression in Specific Metabolic Pathways
  • Genomic assessment of behavioral or environmental interventions
  • Assessing SNPs in Xenobiotic Detoxification Genes (Environmental Toxins)
  • Identification of the environmental impact on specific polymorphisms
  • Measuring the preventive and therapeutic potential of Nutri-Genomics